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knitting machine
Founded in 2002, China Chiheng Valve Co., Ltd. is a specialized knitting machine manufacturer and sale. We have a modernized staffs of tech research and product development, ISO9001 certificated, and manufacturing adopts advanced domestic and foreign standards such as GB, API, JIS, DIN, BS, NF and ANSI. Our oem knitting machines products are widely used in valve fittings, pipeline welding and petroleum, chemical, power and city pipeline networks.
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knitting machine
Discovery Knit Kit
Knitting machine
Sewing needle and knitting hook
3 Shades of "eyelash" yarn
Step-by-step instructions
Knit and decorate like a pro with a kit offering hours of knitting fun.
Features: Thread the knit machine and turn the handle
Choose from traditional (flat) or French (cylindrical) knit
Sew the pieces together to create even more of your own fashions.
Includes: Knitting machine
Sewing needle and knitting hook
3 Shades of "eyelash" yarn
Step-by-step instructions
Knit a cute scarf, cozy hat or cool tube top. Includes enough yarn to make a hat and scarf.
Safety warning: This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for young children.
knitting machines
NSI International Innovations Knitting Machine
Knit adult-size scarves, hats, sweaters, ponchos, afghans, mittens, socks and more
Knits up to 17"-wide flat panels and up to 13"-dia. tubes
Batteries, electricity and knitting experience not required
Yarn not included
Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
Skeins of Yarns
Yarn Needle
Instruction Manual and Project Booklet
Discover the delights of knitting! This is a knitting machine that really works! Simply thread the yarn onto the spindles and turn the crank. Voila! You can knit scarves, hats, fun figures and more. Set includes knitting machine, yarn (for 3 activities), and instructions.
Crafty kids will love the chance to make their very own knitted butterflies, snails, brooch, belts and more with this easy-to-use Knitter Machine.Perfect for creating gifts for friends and family, too. For use on a table or desktop.
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